what is happening outside?

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What is happening outside?

Covid-19 has stopped humanity in its tracks. We are facing an unprecedented and challenging time where the entire planet has been forced to diminish or completely pause our daily routines. 

We are all connected, what happens in one place may affect others, and empathy is more necessary than ever. At this time we all have a common cause. There is an enormous opportunity for us to turn inward and reflect on what really matters in our lives. When this is over how can we make the world a better place for everyone? Let's start thinking about how we can take care of our planet. Let's respect each others’ beliefs, race, religion, sexual orientation or identification. Happiness comes when we embrace these differences.

I believe art can help reach this goal. It is an outlet for us to express our feelings, initiate discussions and alert us to good causes. Beautiful visions of reality from the artists' viewpoints conduct us through different times. Books, music, films, visual arts and TV shows have become instruments of information and great companions while we are still living inside our own bubbles. 

This video provokes the viewer to ask how we can do better after all. This project will hopefully give a voice to everyone who searches for ways to tell a story. It is an expression of  the continuing work of a stage artist and the point of view of a person hoping to ultimately do good. This project with its models wants to reach new audiences and resist throughout this time. Contact me if you would like to share a story so we can make it into a model. We can transform your big character creation live into a small scale model.

The theaters are closed but the artist has an open heart.

Write a comment, an observation, an impression, a suggestion, an idea or whatever you want to discuss about the video and the moment in which we are living in. Please feel free to share a story and get in touch.